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Andy Tabag: Activities and Forecast Tracker

From: $250.00 / month for 6 months

Coach: Andy Tabag
Title: Sales Activities and Forecast Tracker: Lead and Sales Funnel Analysis
Type: Tiered Coaching and Services


In this stand-alone course and coaching experience, we will review and understand your specific Financial Forensic which allows you to determine what activity levels (during Lead Generation/Sales Funnel) yield activity in credit orders and applications to generate a funded loan. You will learn how to structure your day, week, and month to keep you focused and disciplined in the areas most crucial to your business: the generation of clients and the creation of sales.

This coaching is delivered in focused one-on-one sessions. we will take a tactical approach to provide the solutions you want and need. As an example, we focus on solutions to questions like these:

  • How long does it take once I contact a realtor for the first time to fund a loan?
  • How many contacts/calls will I need to generate to funded loan from a digital social media post, or from any campaign, before the result is a funded loan?

This course provides answers and the tools to keep you on track to manage the sales funnel plans you define. This is focused, hands-on coaching. Success requires a 6-month commitment from both the coach and the participant. In the first two months, attention is focused on discovery and approach to create the plan. From month two, we begin to work within the plan, creating the work product, conducting check-ins, and adjusting as needed.

If desired, an extension and continuation of coaching is available for an additional six months to provide a full year of forensics at a reduced rate.


6 Seats Available.

Required 6-Month Focused Commitment: 6-month hands-on commitment learning and coaching to create and manage the work product. Participation is limited and payment is front-loaded due to the intense amount of preparation to create the work product. $2.499.50, one payment in full.

Optional 6-Month Extension:  $250 / month for an additional 6-months providing for a full year.


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