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Andy Tabag: Profit and Loss Fundamentals for the Non-Numbers Professional

$999.00 for 1 month

Coach: Andy Tabag
Title: Profit and Loss Fundamentals for the Non-Numbers Professional
Type: Tiered Coaching and Services


This is a general knowledge course with coaching for the non-numbers professional. We will focus on the fundamental concepts of accounting and finance which allow the participant to become versed in basic profitability and sales forecasting. This is for the entrepreneur who wants to learn the basics in this space.

During the coaching sessions, we will learn and discuss general best practices and define what are revenues, expenses, and profitability. We will learn basic ratios used to operate businesses successfully. And we will familiarize ourselves with reports which illustrate our performance and allow us then to measure to a plan.

For the business professional who is inexperienced with financial forensics and who wants to grow their business consistently with full-scope understanding of financial implications on planning and growth.

One 1-hour session each month for four months

4-month commitment. $999.


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