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Andy Tabag: Business Tactical and Financial Planning

From: $300.00 / month for 6 months

Coach: Andy Tabag
Title: Business Tactical and Financial Planning
Type: Tiered Coaching and Services


This is an opportunity to learn how to formulate a business plan and apply the tactical approach that allows you to use tools and output as a real-time guide to keep you on track to achieve your financial goals. The tools we will develop are customized and unique to how you prefer to conduct your business. There will not be another like it produced.

Together, we create a customized solution for how you, specifically, conduct your business. We will invest the necessary time in discovery to obtain a thorough understanding of your business. We will review every aspect of your business that is relevant to your financial plan. We will build the model in a manner which you are comfortable using while keeping consistent with successful Fortune 500 company structure.

You will learn concepts such as Variable Costs, Cost of Sales/Origination, Contribution Margin, and more. You will learn how to use your actual results to formulate a rolling forecast. enabling you to track goals. Base metrics and ‘right-lining’ will be introduced. The work product you create from this coaching is a foundational investment into your future and legacy which will benefit your business year after year for many years to come.

This is focused, hands-on coaching. Success requires a 6-month commitment from both the coach and the participating business owner. Participants will need to produce current month’s profit and loss and volume reports. In the first three months, attention is focused on discovery and approach to create the plan. From month two, we begin to work within the plan, creating the work product, conducting check-ins, and making adjustments as needed.

A committed participant will have a functional, proven work product at the end of the six months of focused attention. If desired, an extension and continuation of coaching is available for an additional six months at a reduced rate.


4 Seats Available

Required Investment: 6-month hands-on commitment learning and coaching to create the work product. Participation is limited and payment is front-loaded due to the intense amount of preparation to create the work product. $2499.50 /month for 2 months

Optional Extension: Additional 6-month of coaching to assist in monitoring and adjustment support of the work product. $300 / month for additional 6 months to reach 1 year and achieve a full business cycle



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