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BM Profile

$6,000.00 for 1 month

Coach: Michael Chapman
Title: Business Minister Profile
Type: Coaching with Modules


I have taken the bold step of restructuring my career, life, and goals around my values and faith. After recognizing my path was leading me away from God and my highest potential, I knew I had to make a change or risk losing a full life lived. I know I am not alone in this crisis, which is why I am committed to showing up for others who face similar challenges. Thus, I help men break through their internal issues, transform, and become or resume who God called them to be.

In the 12-week program, we cover Submission, Accountability, and Grieving. We learn how to replace the old information and poor programming (lies) with new information built on trust. We set new and realistic goals with actions attached to sustain spiritual, mental, and emotional health.



As our on-site counselor, Michael works with professionals who are discovering sabotage to their success, or mental blocks brought on by life adversity. Whether experiencing divorce, depression, business decline, or simply wanting to dive deeper into emotional intelligence, Michael will help unlock blocks through his program. Michael is one of our firm’s greatest resources. His coaching is needed by most professionals at some intersection in their lives.

12-week coaching sessions, one per week

  • BM Profile Package – 12 week commitment – $6000.00

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