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Full Service – Fit Body Solutions!


Do you feel like you are putting in the work but failing to see noticeable progress when it comes to your body? You see others who seamlessly manage to have it all, a great body and booming business, and you’re wondering how from the sidelines.

Or, it might even be more severe, as you currently battle depression and body confidence, which affects your business and personal relationships. If any of this sounds like you, you should consider my full-service options, which will give you the protocol that tells you exactly what to eat to lose fat and get healthy without completely giving up your soul.

I will also invite you into my private coaching community, which will help provide you with motivation, support, and fellowship. Our weekly Group Live Calls are the lifeblood for many and act as needed course correction to help them get back on track when things are slipping.

Training Options: Full Gym, No Gym, Little Gym. We have it all, so you don’t have any more excuses.

If you choose the Full Gym version, you will get a guided training plan that can even personalize the weight when you train. This feature will help generate results faster than you trying to figure it out on your own. You will have weekly check-ins that provide critical insights enabling us to return the most optimal next-step instructions for a personalized wellness solution.

You can find plenty of fitness programs on the market, but what happens when they stop working. That is why coaching support with weekly feedback is critical to your success. If you struggle with your health today, how will you look and feel 3-5 years from now? It’s time you stop spending any further brain power fantasizing about it and be about it!

All Options Include:

  • Join Craig’s VIP Battle Plan Coaching Community –
  • Training Program – Metron (Requires at least 4-day commitment per week)
  • Delivered via App
  • Nutrition Program
  • Decide On Macro Guidance or Meal Plan
  • Onboarding and Kick-off Call
  • If you have not spoken to Craig via a previous coaching call, you will get a 1 on 1 Discovery and Onboarding call with Craig. However, if you and Craig decided this was a good option via a previous coaching call, then your onboarding will be with one of Craig’s team members.
  • Join Craig’s weekly Live Group Coaching Call w/ Interactive Client Q&A – Wednesday at 7 pm CST
  • Every 45 days, get a 1-on-1 power call with Craig as needed while on an active plan.
  • Get Weekly Accountability & Guidance with Client Check-Ins & a Coaching Response
  • Private FB Group Access
  • 24 Hour Email Support

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Full Service - Fit Body Solutions!

Fit 4 Life / Monthly Billing, Fit 4 Life / Paid In Full, Total Body Transformation

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