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Win or Learn


Win or Learn- The Naked Truth

14 of the highest-ranking women executives in the banking industry join forces to provide a real and raw documentary of their unique journeys to success in a never before written book. Win or Learn—The Naked Truth presents the collective power of leading ladies who have moved the needle in the banking industry to break glass ceilings and run multibillion-dollar companies. From the helms of their respective companies, these leaders, teachers, and sisters are bonded by a collective journey that was carved out of the un-broken ground to provide cemented paths for those who follow. Each of these dynamic women are determined to change the narrative for up and comers and to give the legacy of mentorship with Win or Learn—The Naked Truth for decades to come. Filled with moving words written by women who trudged paths in silence for decades, the purposeful release of these powerful stories will charge and change a generation to come.

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