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Breaking the Cycle



Two little girls defy the odds of success and share their journey to success from where it began in a rural New Hampshire town to become nationally known leaders. Dr. Wendy Wright, Family Nurse Practitioner and Award-winning Corporate Executive, Christine Beckwith, write an emotional memoir designed to inspire the reader while providing valuable life lessons. These childhood friends forged independent yet woven paths to the very top of their respective and celebrated careers. Their stories give the readers engaging and thought-provoking insight into the triumph of overcoming odds. Connected by respective family legacies the authors share how their paths paralleled, how their start didn’t define them, and how their parents broke the cycle to set them on course for personal and professional success. Wendy and Christine are experienced speakers, popular with audiences across podcasts, radio, and professional conventions. However, they have never before told their real stories. In Breaking the Cycle, they open their lives, their dreams, their stories of tragedy and pain, triumph and success in a beautiful literary contribution that is sure to change the trajectory of all that read this book. How appropriate to begin the book with one little word “Hope”!

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