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Carl Monsour's
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Goal Setting and Business Execution Plan

Consulting Approach/Style:

Carl believes in working on specifics, not talking in theory. He has risen from being a #1 Loan Officer in a retail platform, to co-heading a wildly successful national Mortgage Company with more than 500 loan officers reporting to him, to starting his own Mortgage Brokerage and building referral relationships from scratch. This 20-year veteran understands mortgage from both an LO and management perspective. Currently a producing manager in a referral-based model, Carl is once again in the forefront of change in the industry, focusing on realtor partners, past clients, and social media marketing to drive his (and his team’s) business. Carl can help you understand how to drive new business and how to create processes to turn sales and originations into a machine working for you. Choose the Goal Setting and Business Execution Plan option to experience this powerful force in your world for the next 90 days or for a full year.


Attention Loan Officers and Sales Managers! Take advantage of the knowledge gained through experience and proven success of industry leader, Carl Monsour. This program, designed to create an action plan to drive new business and originate sales, is a 90-day deep dive into the processes needed to grow your business in the way best suited to you and your team.

The Goal Setting and Business Execution Plan program includes:

  • Two 1-hour calls in month 1 to establish motivational goals and specific actionable plan
  • 1 hour call in month 2 and 3 for a total of 4 hours of one-to-one coaching across the 90-day duration)
  • Guidance to create your quarterly and yearly plan
  • All materials needed, such as handouts and worksheets, to build your goal plan and Take Action!
  • Anytime Text or Email messaging for questions, clarification, discussion.
  • ANNUAL PLAN: An additional three quarterly Action Calls to adjust, measure, and monitor your plan’s efficiency and effectiveness.
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