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Michael Hammond's
Consulting Services

NexLevel Advisors Bundled Services

Consulting Approach/Style:

Michael Hammond is a well-known professional in the mortgage industry who offers his own consulting services. Michael lends himself as an expert to professionals seeking guidance in starting their businesses the right way, scaling with great return and a focus on origination expertise.  


Bundle #1:  Is Your Company Positioned for Future Growth & Profitability?

NexLevel Advisors Executive Strategy Assessment Description.

In today’s competitive marketplace, with shifting market demands and financial pressure, the obstacles amplify when attempting to take your business to the next level. You want to elevate your results while building corporate value, but you are uncertain of the exact strategies and action plans that will prove to be most fruitful. It’s not enough to have a vision. You must have a dynamic plan to execute your strategy and communicate your vision with great clarity and precision to the marketplace.


NexLevel Advisors, a premier strategic advisory, business planning, strategic selling, and marketing firm, offers a full-day facilitated Executive Strategy Assessment that will explore your business priorities and design a plan of action that focuses on accelerating bottom-line sales results.


NexLevel Advisors never underestimates the power of the knowledge already within a client’s company. We believe the true value of a NexLevel Advisors strategist is helping you better leverage existing knowledge by applying expanded experience and providing a fresh, objective perspective to your circumstances.


NexLevel Advisors facilitates Executive Strategy Assessments to measure and gain consensus on mission-critical factors, including corporate and product branding, positioning strategy, strategic partnership management, business development, market segmentation and prioritization, and other core conduits for success.  NexLevel Advisors’ Founder, Michael Hammond, provides energetic and engaging facilitation, helping to guide the session and keep it on track by using professional practices and offering keen insights into the issues at hand.


Cost $3,500: Payment Terms 50% down, 50% when completed.


Program Deliverables:

  1. Three-hour Executive Strategy Assessment
  2. 30-minute findings review


NexLevel Advisors will provide a report (30-40 pages) on Key Findings from the Executive Strategy Assessment, plus specific analysis and recommendations from a strategic business and marketing perspective.

Bundle #2:  “AI’s Game-Changing Impact: Turbocharge Your Pipeline and Close More Loans”

First Class:  45 minutes

  • Understanding the Power of AI and the impact it can have on your lending business.
  • Understanding AI Tools: Grammarly, Chat GPT, Ad Creative, Opus, Adobe.
  • Hands-On with CHAT GPT – Using Chat GPT Live during class.


Second Class:  45 minutes

  • AI Mastery – Mastering the Prompts; and Understanding how to Deliver Personalization.
  • Hands-On with Chat GPT – Creating Personal Brand Positioning Statement.
  • Learning to Leverage Personal Branding statements to create highly engaging content, video scripts, social posts, emails, etc., to differentiate your brand and drive more business.


Third Class:  45 minutes

  • Creating the Right Tech Stack
  • Hands-on with Chat GPT, Grammarly, Ad Creative, Adobe, and Opus during the class to learn how to create professional content and graphics.
  • Real-world results with actual materials you can use to create new business.


Fourth Class:  45 minutes

  • Hands-on with the AI tools to specifically leverage these tools for your business.
  • Diving deep into how to use your personal branding statement to create dynamic and compelling content.


Fifth Class:  45 minutes

  • Review results of AI content creation.
  • Define content strategy going forward by leveraging AI.


Cost $2,500: 50% down, 50% due before final class.



A clear understanding of how to leverage AI to grow your lending business.

How to be more efficient with your marketing, content creation, and outreach.

Expanded pipeline development.

Enhance business partnerships.

Bundle 3:  “Cracking the LinkedIn Code: Mortgage Master Class For Long-term Success”

First Class – 45 minutes

  • Going through the fundamentals of LinkedIn.
  • Review bio/description.
  • Update LinkedIn to drive results.


Second Class – 45 minutes

  • Learn the three pillars of LinkedIn Success.
  • Walk through each pillar to understand how to maximize results.
  • Hands-on with LinkedIn.


Third Class – 45 minutes

  • Review results.
  • Plan future content and campaigns.
  • Create content together.


Cost 1,500 :50% down, 50% due before final class.



  • Highly professional bio and description.
  • Knowledge on how to maximize LinkedIn for pipeline growth.
  • Improved engagement and relationship building.
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