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Candy Zulkosky's
Consulting Services

90 Day Book Camp with CaZ
and The Author’s Voice

Questions For the Author:

Want to know how to write and publish a best-selling book? Do you have a compelling story that showcases who you are and who you help? Are you looking for a way to stand out? Then we should connect. Today’s market is competitive. Social selling and social branding are more than buzzwords!


Month One: Clarity and Writing Plan 

Session One


  • Declutter Negative Beliefs
  • Think with the End in Mind. Get Clear about your vision and what you want your book to do. 
  • Choose Your Book Type

Session One Homework and Review Guide

Session Two: Know Your Reader


  • Identify Your Signature Topic
  • Identify Your Ideal Reader
  • Bullet Point Your Outline

Homework: Write Book Description and Premise Statement. 

Review Guide

Session Three: Map Your Destination


  • You as a Writer: Find Your Voice
  • Understand How Chapters Work
  • Creating Flow. Book Format, Topic, and Title Determine the Flow.
  • Write Fast, Focused, and Consistently. Keep the rhythm of your writing on point and on target.

Homework: Create Your Outline 

Review Guide

Session Four: Connecting with Readers 


  • Isolating Ideas and Principles
  • The First Chapter and Hook
  • The Call to Action
  • Leave Readers Wanting More

Homework: Create Your Outline

Review Guide

Month Two

Session One: Follow Through and Write!


  • The Perfect Writing Schedule
  • Finding Your Writing Rhythm
  • Weeding out the Clutter

Homework: First Draft

Session Two: Hire Your Team!


  • Cover Design
  • Editing and Pre-Press
  • Marketing

Homework: Research and hire

Month Three

Session One: Distribution and Publishing Accounts


  • Print- on- Demand Overview
  • Self-Publishing Dos and Don’ts
  • Going Wide or Not

Homework: Complete accounts setup

Review Guide

Session Two: Publishing, Launch, and Promotion


  • Editing Like a Pro
  • Formatting Survival Secrets
  • Launch and Promotion

RESOURCES include:

  • Printable Exercises
  • Printable Checklists
  • Planners and Organizers

Services NOT included: (these are all upsells or add-ons)

  • Additional Coaching Sessions
  • Editorial Services
  • Book and Cover Design Services
  • Book Formatting and Layout Services
  • Book Marketing Services
  • Best Seller Campaign

  Optionally, could be made available, could be upsells or Master level webinars:
Amazon Author Page Planner
Book Launch Formula
100 Tools for Writers
Book Promotion Strategies

Contract can be extended to a 6-month program; after that, continuing the contract will be evaluated. The goal is to have a book ready to publish and launch.

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